Discover how to learn with axismultilingo

Learning with online course

By choosing the course you will take with the online course, learn effectively from expert teachers.

With validated method

Learn the effectiveness used by Axismultilingo with proven methods.

With mobile and web support

Learn English (Foreign Language) with all your devices wherever and whenever you want.

With movie and game

Have fun by learning the language structures and vocabulary with games and short films prepared according to our level of knowledge of English (Foreign Language).

With the Common European Framework of Reference (CERF)

CERF is a way to show how well you can speak and understand a foreign language. There are several frameworks with similar purposes in Foreign Language Teaching, including the American Council Qualification Principles (ACTFL) and the Canadian Language Criteria (CLB). CERF does not depend on any particular language exam.

User comments

I develop my skills by taking work and foreign language together and learning with Axis whenever and wherever I want. You're great, Axis.

- Esra ÇAKIR

My online live lesson class consists of 4 people and I improve my speaking skills by establishing mutual dialogue. My vocabulary helps me speak.


I had the opportunity to learn my foreign language with live education in a time period when I wanted to live with Axis. Thanks Axismultilingo.

- Elif ŞAHİN

I had the opportunity to learn my foreign language with live education in a time period when I wanted to live with Axis. Thanks Axismultilingo.

- Ayşe ER

Who can learn


Official, private top executives can use them whenever and wherever they want.


To define the English proficiency within a specific curriculum and to provide the education of the individual at any time and place according to the learning speed of the individual in order to support the school curriculum.


Business people and employees can learn online whenever and wherever they want for their career and personal development.

Individual users

Those with a lifelong learning approach can use it whenever and wherever they want for travel or personal development.

Kids (6-14 age)

Foreign language education of children is much more important. In addition to learning the language, it will increase school success.


Those who want to pursue a career in a lifelong learning period can form a group suitable for them and can improve their language learning at any time and place.

Aims and objectives of the Axismultilingo initiative

Considering the time that students can devote to their language learning, without any loss of time, with the modern and highest level technological facilities it provides, it aims primarily to reach the students goals by making the most efficient planning in a decent environment.

  • English and other languages ​​adhering to international educational standards.
  • Without sacrificing quality.
  • It is his duty to teach his students as soon as possible and permanently.
  • In order to achieve this goal and gain the infinite trust of the students, he regarded his principles as indispensable.

F.A.Q (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is Axismultilingo?

Axismultilingo is a foreign language platform that gives lectures online in line with the European languages ​​common framework program.

While learning with Axismultilingo, you learn foreign languages ​​by using basic skills of speaking, writing, listening and reading.

What is Axismultilingo content?

With 21 years of training experience, they are proven to be implemented with dozens of local and foreign expert managers.

What is the European Common Language Framework?

The Common European Language Reference Framework (CELF) is an international standard that defines language ability. The world is determined by many countries and is used to describe students' language skills.

Which levels is Axismultilingo suitable for?

Beginners to learn.

Axismultilingo is suitable for individuals who are just starting to learn English. Beginners to learn begin learning English online under the leadership of expert tutors.

Individuals who have knowledge and want to improve.

It is suitable for individuals who previously knew English but could not use it and want to learn and use it again.

It is also suitable for those who want to learn a language at Axismultilingo Elegance level.

What is the Axismultilingo satisfaction guarantee?

If you think that you have not reached the level you thought when you completed Axismultilingo, you can repeat a free course or get a refund.

How can I document this after completing a level with Axismultilingo?

With Axismultilingo, you are entitled to a certificate at the end of each level you complete.

Users who purchase the Elegance package are entitled to receive the latest level of certification.

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